Bible Reading Day 180

by markburlinson

Day 180: June 29 (Acts 8:26-40)

Good morning!

Yesterday the persecution scattered Philip to Samaria. Today we find him on the road south of Jerusalem toward Gaza. This was the route from Africa to Jerusalem, and Philip meets a high ranking government official from Ethiopia. The man is returning from worshipping in Jerusalem (showing he was a Jew) and is reading the scroll of Isaiah about the suffering servant – the one slaughtered like a sacrificial lamb.

When Philip asked if the eunuch understood what he was reading, he replied with a question: “was the prophet talking about himself or someone else?” So Philip starts with that scripture and explains the good news about Jesus.

Clearly the official believes, because he immediately asks to be baptized! And as soon as he is baptized the Holy Spirit takes Philip away to the north, to Azotus (modern Ashdod). Unfazed by this sudden change, Philip goes on preaching along the coast until he reaches Caesarea. The Ethiopian, meanwhile, continues home rejoicing. History records that Ethiopia is one of the oldest nations to embrace Christianity.

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