Bible Reading Day 188

by markburlinson

Day 188: July 7 (Acts 13:24-52)

Good morning!

As Paul outlined God’s plan to the Jews in the synagogue in Antioch of Pisidia, they initially responded warmly to the message. Paul was a very persuasive speaker, and the people received his message, eagerly asking for more. Notice how Paul uses scriptures to explain all his encouragements and warnings; he wants them to understand what God has already communicated.

Later there is a problem when the whole city is turning out to hear them; some Jews are jealous of the popularity of Paul and Barnabas, and speak slanderously against them. Still referring to scripture, Paul and Barnabas declare that they will now go to the Gentiles, in fulfilment of Isaiah 49:6. This news was received gladly by the Gentiles, many believing as a result. But the jealous Jews stirred up more trouble until Paul and Barnabas were run out of town.

Trusting this to be God’s plan, Paul and Barnabas shook the dust off their feet and went on to Iconium. Opposition is often a tool God uses to direct our path!

Have a great day!