Bible Reading Day 191

by markburlinson

Day 191: July 10 (Acts 15:22-41)

Good morning!

After the momentous decision we read yesterday, that the Gentile believers would have no un-necessary requirements to burden them or prevent them becoming followers of Jesus, today we see how the church in Jerusalem got word back to Antioch about these matters.

Notice how the leaders stress their complete unity on the decision – no room for factions here! This was a direct answer to Jesus’ prayer in John 17. A matter that could so easily have been divisive has become a unifying force.

Notice also how others are constantly involved in leading and preaching. God intends all His children to be involved in the process of making disciples and telling others about Him. There are no exceptions.

Finally, see how even the most anointed leaders can sometimes disagree: in this case the argument over John Mark leads to Paul separating from Barnabas and each going in a different direction: Barnabas with John Mark going to Cyprus (Barnabas’ home country) while Paul and Silas go back to the churches he helped to plant across Syria and Cilicia. Even the most spiritual leaders can disagree! Especially when young leaders are unstable!!

Have you ever done something you later regretted? John Mark can empathize! Have you ever been frustrated with someone else? How can you deal with that frustration in a godly way? And what can you do to be sure it is as easy as possible for unbelievers to find Jesus?

Have a great day!