Bible Reading Day 195

by markburlinson

Day 195: July 14 (Acts 17:16-34)

Good morning!

As Paul waits in Athens for his companions, he sees how confused they are while being open to so many ideas and philosophies.

So he broadened his focus to include as many groups as he could identify. The teaching of Jesus’ resurrection confuses tham further, so he is taken to the high council of the city. His explanation is a great summary for the philosophical mind, challenging the common perception of God as an idol to be polished and kept under human control.

In response, some laugh but some are interested and invite him back to speak again. A few become believers, including Dionysus who was a member of the council, and Damaris.

So the response is mixed, and Paul is fine with that! How about you? Could you adapt your approach to people in order to tell them about Jesus? Why not try it and see how you get on this week?

Have a great day!