Bible Reading Day 199

by markburlinson

Day 199: July 18 (Acts 20:1-16)

Good morning!

After the riot in Ephesus died down, Paul encouraged the believers then moved on to Macedonia. After Macedonia he went on to Greece, and stayed for three months. He was preparing to sail to Syria when (another) plot against his life was discovered – so they had to retrace their steps back through Macedonia. Imagine living with threats against your life for believing in Jesus! So many of our brothers and sisters in other lands face the same threats. We are so blessed!

There are several men traveling with Paul (perhaps as bodyguards, and certainly as disciples). Luke lists them all and then switches his descriptions to the second person, indicating that he is one of the travelers (at least from this point forward).

In Troas, Paul speaks for so long into the evening that a young man sitting in the window ledge falls asleep and plunges three storeys to his death. Paul is unpeturbed by this event; he just goes downstairs, declares the young man is OK, and goes on teaching and preaching until dawn!

Then Paul sets out to try to be back in Jerusalem before Pentecost. That is quite a journey but Luke records the step they took.

In your own life, there will be steps to take and a journey to complete. We seldom reach God’s destination for us overnight – often the journey has many stages and phases. Where is God taking you?

Have a great day!