Bible Reading Day 201

by markburlinson

Day 201: July 20 (Acts 21)

Good morning!

Imagine following Paul on this journey: he is determined to go to Jerusalem, where he faces almost certain death. There are echoes of Jesus in this man’s pilgrimage!

The voyage takes them through several towns and cities where Paul is well-known, and he stops to encourage the Christians. In Caesarea, theystay with Philip the evangelist who was one of the seven chosen to oversee the distribution of food (remember Stephen, the first martyr?).

Paul has to battle through the pressure of many around him wanting to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem, along with almost constant prophecies of suffering and captivity. But he is determined to go through with the instructions Jesus has given him.

For us, the application is that the Lord’s will is not always easy or pleasant for us. This world is a war zone and so our lives have to adapt to that reality, without losing hope in the God who calls, equips, and delivers all who call on HIm.

Have a great day!