Bible Reading Day 203

by markburlinson

Day 203: July 22 (Acts 22)

Good morning!

The riot in Jerusalem gives Paul an opportunity to share his testimony; the story of how God has worked in his life.

What Luke records in the first 21 verses is not news to us, because we have been reading through the Book of Acts, but it must have been very challenging to the Jews in Jerusalem. It is very hard to argue against what God has done in someone’s life!

In the end, the crowd are incensed by Paul’s call to the Gentiles, and start to riot again. The Roman commander, used to dealing with these fractious people, is going to have Paul whipped to find out the truth, until Paul reveals that he is a Roman citizen! The commander, having purchased (or earned) his citizenship, is suspicious; Paul is clearly not a wealthy man, and he is not from Rome, so how did he afford to pay for his citizenship? But Paul tells the commander that he was born a citizen!

That makes it very serious that the commander had him bound and about to be whipped; that was illegal to do to a Roman citizen. In fright, the commander instead orders Paul brought before the Jewish high council the following day.

So by courageously sharing his testimony, Paul is able to point a huge crowd to Jesus (Luke does not record any salvations at this point, but the history of the church shows that persecution such as this led to many being saved). And then he is given another opportunity to speak to those in authority next.

For you and me, the opportunity to share our testimony may not be as daunting as Paul’s, but it can come without warning, so today I encourage you to review your life and record what life was like before you met Jesus, how He stepped into your life, and how life has changed as a result. Then you will be ready to testify that Jesus is alive and working in your life. No one can argue with that!

Have a great day!