Bible Reading Day 206

by markburlinson

Day 206: July 25 (Acts 24)

Good morning!

Paul’s journey toward Rome takes another step today. But sometimes a step forward is not as fast as we would like! On the other hand, when you know your destiny is death in a Roman jail, it is no hardship to wait a while!

Governor Felix hears first from the lawyer Tertullus, on behalf of the Jewish leaders. Then Paul answers the accusations. Felix is familiar with The Way (as Christianity was called at that time in much of the Roman world). He is fascinated by Paul, although with mixed motives. He wants to know more, but he is also hoping for a bribe!

The result of all this is that Paul remains under arrest for two years until Felix is replaced by a new governor – Festus. And Felix leaves Paul in prison because that wins him popularity with the Jews.

How would you feel if your life calling took a big step forward and then you got stuck under house arrest for more than two years? Frustration would build and a sense of failure would creep in. But not Paul – he is content to move as fast or as slowly as God wants. And in the meantime he is being fruitful in witness and godliness. During this time he wrote some of the most significant letters now recorded in the New Testament.

Who knows – your frustration today may result in great fruitfulness tomorrow!

Have a great day!