Bible Reading Day 207

by markburlinson

Day 207: July 26 (Acts 25)

Good morning!

After a two year delay, Festus takes over from Felix as the governor, and he goes to Jerusalem where the Jewish leaders ask for Paul to be transferred to Jerusalem (planning to kill him on the way).

Clearly the old enmities have only deepened during the delay! But Festus cares enough about justice not to be pushed around by the Jewish leaders. He has the trial in Caesarea (the Roman capital of the region) and is somewhat confused by the accusations of the Jewish leaders. Paul, of course, denies all the false charges and accusations they are bringing. Festus tries first to please the Jews by asking Paul to consent to a transfer of the case to Jerusalem (a clear example of passing the buck). But Paul instead appeals to Caesar (an option open to all Roman citizens).

But Festus has no clear charge to send with Paul to Rome, so when King Agrippa arrives to pay his respects to Festus, he is drawn in to the whole circus to hear what Paul has to say.

To some this may look like injustice, weak leadership, and political power-play (and most would agree it is). However, God is at work in all the delays and convoluted hearings; more and more influential people are getting to hear the good news.

How have you seen God at work in circumstances you would have changed if you could?

Have a great day!