Bible Reading Day 209

by markburlinson

Day 209: July 28 (Acts 27:1-25)

Good morning!

After the back-and-forth of the trials and examinations before the high council, Felix, Festus, and Agrippa, Paul is finally on his way to Rome. He has appealed to Caesar, and so he is taken to the Emperor. Now this is not a low-risk, easy-life strategy. The Emperor at the time was Nero, not renowned as a friend of Christians, but certainly in need of hearing the gospel, just as Felix, Festus, and Agrippa had been. There is a strong sense of destiny in Paul’s journey, and Paul himself knows it.

The journey is long and difficult, at the mercy of the late fall storms common to the eastern Mediterranean. As you read Luke’s account, notice the amount of authenticating detail he includes, and also trace the thread of faith and calling which Paul is following.

In our lives, God wants us to have a strong sense of destiny and the faith to follow it.

Have a great day!