Bible Reading Day 210

by markburlinson

Day 210: July 29 (Acts 27:26-44)

Good morning!

Paul concludes his exhortation to the ship’s company with the declaration that they will be shipwrecked on an island. And the rest of today’s reading describes the shipwreck.

As you read the second half of Acts 27, follow the thread of Paul’s leadership in the situation. He is not the commanding officer, he is not a crew member or one of the soldiers, he’s one of the prisoners! Yet he is the one who knows God’s plan in a time of crisis and his leadership is vital. The success comes at the end of the chapter, as everyone escapes safely to shore.

Have you ever disqualified yourself for a leadership role because the circumstances are too harsh, or your current position seems to exclude you? Paul would likely urge you to listen to God, and obey anyway! What are you and God going to do together today?

Have a great day!