Bible Reading Day 215

by markburlinson

Day 215: August 3 (Romans 3)

Good morning!

We ended yesterday, having climbed further up the mountain which is the letter to the Romans. We asked ourselves if we could yet see the majesty of salvation by grace, through faith?

Today Paul takes us higher again. He begins with the value of being a Jew, and goes on to how God is true, and powerful. Then we see again the power of sin – that all people are sinners.

Verses 21-26 contain the heart of Paul’s message, the core of the good news. I recommend you read at least this section twice or three times.

Paul ends the chapter restating that we cannot be saved by law, but only by faith. Only when we have faith can we fulfill the law of God. As you read, allow the Holy Spirit to breathe on your faith, increasing your trust in the God who wants all mankind to be restored.

Have a great day!