Bible Reading Day 220

by markburlinson

Day 220: August 8 (Romans 8:1-18)

Good morning!

If you have read the letter to the Romans before, you may have been wondering how you would handle the whole of Chapter 8 in one day’s reading? Well, the good news is that we only have half of this monumental chapter to read today!

Let me offer you a few explanations of terminology to help you as you read:

Spirit refers to God living in each believer, while sinful nature (or flesh) indicates that each of us is opposed to God because we are sinful. So there is a battle!

The Law is God’s written instructions about how to relate to Him while we are sinful. When you combine the Law, with the flesh, the result is victory for sin (ultimately death). However, God sent Jesus to be a human, but not sin, so that the legal penalty for sin could be fulfilled in Jesus. Rather like a judge whose own son is caught stealing and brought before the judge for trial. He has to fine the boy, because a crime has been committed, but when he takes of his judicial robes at the end of the case, there is nothing to stop him paying the fine from his own pocket because he loves his son.

The consequence of this great exchange is that now we have a choice – to live the old way, controlled by the sinful nature and disobedient to God, or to live the new way, filled with the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to direct our thoughts and resulting actions.

Paul carefully shows us that choice, and its fruits. We are not under any obligation to sin any more – and how we see ourselves will be crucial to the outcome of the battle between Holy Spirit and sinful nature.

Can you say today that God is your “Daddy”? (That is what Abba means). Do you know that He loves you just as He loves Jesus? When that revelation takes root in your heart, it bears good fruit.

I suggest you take a few minutes today to listen to the Father’s Love Letter, compiled from scripture by my friend Barry Adams. It has touched countless lives in the last 15 years, and is still helping believers deepen their revelation of Abba’s love for them. You can find it here.

Have a great day!