Bible Reading Day 221

by markburlinson

Day 221: August 9 (Romans 8:19-39)

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed the Father’s Love Letter yesterday. A revelation of God as our Father is a cornerstone of Paul’s revelation here in Romans, especially in Romans 8.

God has always had a relationship within Himself as Father and Son, and the crowning achievement of the cross and resurrection (the atonement) is to open that relationship to participation by every believer. That is why we are now called children of God.

The first half of today’s reading sees Paul describing this relationship in terms of childbirth, and adoption, as well as describing us as brothers and sisters of Jesus.

Then, in the final portion of this great chapter, Paul lays out clearly that all this is the expression of God’s love, and NOTHING can separate us from that love.

So today, you ARE loved. God wants relationship with you; a relationship that is growing and free from religious duty or law. I recommend you set out to enjoy that relationship in every way today!

Have a great day!