Bible Reading Day 222

by markburlinson

Day 222: August 10 (Romans 9)

Good morning!

Today we read a chapter where we feel Paul’s sorrow about his own people – the Israelites. Although they were the ones chosen by God, so many of them, especially latterly, did not have a relationship with God that made them members of God’s people. Paul is clearly moved that so many of his brethren would not accept the Messiah. He is also very clear that there is only one way to know God – by faith.

This emotion on Paul’s part is helpful for us – to see the danger of trusting our own efforts. Religion truly is a stumbling block in the path of relationship with God. Unless we have the light of the Holy Spirit, which often shines for us through others around us, we will walk right into self-righteous sin and fall flat before we ever reach God’s loving arms.

My prayer for you today is that you will be so thankful for what Jesus has done, that you will happily forsake all self-effort, and reach out for the truth that God wants to speak to you, through those around you who love you as much as they love Him.

Have a great day!