Bible Reading Day 224

by markburlinson

Day 224, August 12, Romans 11:1-21

Good morning!

Paul’s conclusion in Chapter 10 may have left his readers wondering if Israel was now rejected by God; fallen so hard they would not get back up?

Today Paul picks up that question and answers it clearly in the negative. Yes Israel has fallen, but NO they are not rejected. The result of their fall was that the good news went to the rest of the world. This makes Israel jealous and prompts them to return.

Paul uses the metaphor of an olive tree to explain this. Israel is the branches of an olive tree. Those branches that rejected Jesus were cut off from the tree and wild branches were grafted in. Those wild branches now become fruitful when they were not before. But the fruitfulness comes from the roots and trunk of the tree, from God Himself. There is no room for boasting by any branch, wild or otherwise.

So for us: do we focus on bearing fruit from our connection to the divine root, and rejoicing with the other fruitful branches, regardless of their origin? Or are we tempted to compare ourselves to those around and allow pride to creep in?
Let’s allow God’s love (for us and for others unlike us) to make us fruitful and thankful today.

Have a great day!