Bible Reading Day 226

by markburlinson

Day 226: August 14 (Romans 12)

Good morning!

After the song of praise to God at the end of Chapter 11, Paul switches from theological teaching about God’s plan for Israel and the Gentiles to practical instruction and exhortation. This is a natural result of the conclusion to which Paul has brought us; that God’s mercy is the foundation of relationship with Him, for both Israel and the Gentiles.

Paul begins “and so, dear brothers and sisters…” referring back to what he has just written. Since God is merciful, we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices. This is the way for us to worship him. We are not to copy the ways of this world, but be transformed by allowing God to change the way we think.

We are each part of God’s body, and we all have a part to play that is given by God, gifts to one another.

Paul completes this chapter of practical advice with a whole range of instructions that flow from God’s goodness expressed in our lives.

How does He want to show you goodness today? Most likely that will be found in these verses!

Have a great day!