Bible Reading Day 230

by markburlinson

Day 230: August 18 (Romans 15:21-33)

Good morning!

Paul is drawing to a close with his great epistle. He has outlined and unpacked many themes in these chapters, and urged his hearers to put love and mercy at the forefront of their lives. If we follow Paul’s advice we will be more like Jesus, and more fruitful for the Kingdom of God.

Now Paul explains his travel plans (which history shows us were not fulfilled as he intended). He asks the Romans to pray that he will escape the clutches of those in Jerusalem who “refuse to obey God.”

It is sobering to see how God’s desire for all to be saved can be hindered by a religious zeal that refuses to obey God. But that same religious zeal can be turned into zeal for God (as Paul himself demonstrates).

Paul’s deepest desire is to do God’s will, and to meet other believers so he can be encouraged by them, and be an encouragement to them. This is no social pleasantry that he is suggesting – believers everywhere were persecuted both before and after Paul wrote these words. Helping each other to stand on the firm foundation of Jesus in the midst of a storm of persecution was a daily reality for these brothers and sisters.

You and I have received a great deal as we join this global family of believers. Who helped you come to faith, or grow in faith? Just as the Christians in Macedonia and Achaia sent an offering to their brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, so you and I can return thanks to those who have been a blessing to us in our walk with God.

Who will you thank first?

Have a great day!