Bible Reading Day 231

by markburlinson

Day 231: August 19 (Romans 16)

Good morning!

It was customary for the writer of an epistle to add greetings to the conclusion of the letter. Paul does this in Chapter 16. It is interesting to note how many of these are women in positions of leadership and authority. Including Junia who Paul says is of note among the apostles. Clearly Paul had no problem with women in leadership!

Paul then adds a personal footnote to what he has written, urging us to avoid those among us who cause divisions and offenses. Doing so for personal gain is a hallmark of one to be avoided. Paul wants the Romans (and us) to be wise in what is good and simple concerning evil. What good advice! And then God crushes satan under our feet. We simply have to move forward in God’s peace, and our enemy is defeated.

Thirdly, those with Paul send their greetings.

And finally Paul adds a blessing. I am praying this for each of you today.

Have a great day!