Bible Reading Day 232

by markburlinson

Day 232: August 20 (1 Corinthians 1)

Good morning!

Our next epistle is a dramatic contrast to the towering theology and mountainous concepts in the epistle to the Romans. Paul wrote to the church in Corinth to straighten out a variety of errors and excesses.

He begins with greetings and thanks to God for them. Even when a church is a mess Paul thanks God for them! Then he begins early in his letter to correct their mistaken emphasis on giftings, competition, and spiritual pride.

See what you can see in this first chapter that is directed against such mistakes. Here are a few pointers I saw: We are to live in harmony, not being divided by competition. We are not to rely on human wisdom, because God’s wisdom is the opposite of man’s wisdom, which will lead us astray. Rejecting God because His activity does not fit our wisdom, is foolishness at best!

And God considers the least and the despised to be the foremost. We live in an upside-down kingdom! So today, how does God want your outlook and expectations to change, based on what you read this morning?

Have a great day!