Bible Reading Day 234

by markburlinson

Day 234: August 22 (1 Corinthians 3)

Good morning!

Paul takes another step toward challenging his readers today, as he focuses on their worldly values and thinking. There is little or no difference between the believers and the unbelievers in Corinth.

First they compete with each other and try to be the best, then they also focus on human activity and traits rather than on what God has done, and is doing, in their lives. They have missed that the work in their midst is God’s work and not human effort, and thus they minimize God’s activity AND lose sight of humility by fostering pride.

Paul then turns to address those who have succeeded him as leaders of the church. They are building on the foundation he has laid, and must take care to build in ways that will last. Not human wisdom but godly fruit. Man’s wisdom seems both right and attractive, because it is what we are used to hearing, but God’s wisdom makes human wisdom seem foolish.

How is God working in you today to build on the foundation that you belong to Him?

Have a great day!