Bible Reading Day 235

by markburlinson

Day 235: August 23 (1 Corinthians 4)

Good morning!

Today Paul continues to identify and challenge the errors in the Corinthian church. They have been reaching judgments on the apostles and other leaders; a role that only God can take. They have got ahead of God in deciding already what is good, and what is not. Rather than waiting for God’s final judgment, they are the arbiters of spirituality and righteousness.

The error of this attitude is obvious to us now, but it appeared very spiritual because the Corinthian church valued gifts and manifestations more than character. In their spiritual ambition, they have abandoned godly values such as humility and hard work, and embraced prideful alternatives such as competition and comparison.

By contrast the true apostles are hard-working, often persecuted, and treated like trash. Although Paul is the Corinthians spiritual father, they will not accept his input, preferring to remain independent. Paul sends Timothy (who accepts spiritual authority) to teach them how to live, and now Paul hopes to visit them in person and bring some correction to their ways. Ultimately the power of God is the final word!

God’s power is as real for you today as in Paul’s time.

Have a great day!