Bible Reading Day 237

by markburlinson

Day 237: August 25 (1 Corinthians 6)

Good morning!

Paul continues to address both the divisions and the immorality in the Corinthian church in Chapter 6.

He first addresses their divisions, correcting them for going to law to settle their arguments. This shows their immaturity, and their sin. God will ensure justice when Jesus returns, it is not our place to demand it now.

Next he develops the theme of the Kingdom of God, saying clearly that many who continue to sin will not inherit the Kingdom. Be sure to read the whole of Paul’s list: this is not a tirade against sexual sin as some have made it; the list includes those who are greedy, or abusive. What Paul is saying is that our lives show the extent to which God’s Spirit rules (and thus His Kingdom comes). He tells the Corinthians “Some of you were like that, BUT you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

Thirdly, having shown that our actions display the extent of God’s work in us, Paul calls for a higher standard in the lives of his readers: our bodies belong to God, and He will raise them from the dead one day, so we are not to treat them as our own to misuse as we wish. That is sin.

Our bodies are the temple (dwelling place) of the Holy Spirit, and cannot be given to sexual sin. Sexual sin affects the body more than any other sin, because it is joining what belongs to God with another outside God’s chosen pattern.

So Paul tells us to flee from sexual immorality – to run from it – to put it far from us, just as a doctor might warn us to avoid a deadly infection, or a firefighter warns us to evacuate a burning building. In those circumstances, if I invoke my “right” to do as I please, it is at my own peril!

So today, let’s take a moment to ask God “Is there anything in my life that you are warning me to change?” and “Am I insisting on my own way to my detriment?”

Have a great day!