Bible Reading Day 240

by markburlinson

Day 240: August 28 (1 Corinthians 8)

Good morning!

Today Paul’s answers to questions from the Corinthian Christians move on to another topic relevant to their time – food offered to idols.

This was a common practice in the New Testament world, just as it is in some parts of the world today. The Corinthians were proud of their “knowledge” on this issue; their freedom to do whatever they wanted extended to this area too.

But Paul offers a different perspective – God’s love is stronger than our “superior knowledge” and it is our fault if we use our “freedom” to cause a weaker brother or sister to stumble in their faith. So the higher standard is to follow Christ in caring more for the weak than for our own “rights” and “freedoms” to do as we please.

How can God use you to protect a weaker believer from harm or confusion today?

Have a great day!