Bible Reading Day 242

by markburlinson

Day 242: August 30 (1 Corinthians 10:1-13)

Good morning!

After some pointed and forceful words in the past few chapters, Paul now turns to a more pastoral angle, and reminds the Corinthians of Israel’s history. Writing as a teacher, he is less direct but no less powerful. In fact, the indirect approach seems designed to drive the message home to the whole church, rather than the specific individuals and groups targeted by his answers to their questions.

Paul warns them of the consequences in Israel’s history of being part of God’s people but not pleasing God. Specifically he mentions seeking evil things, worshiping idols, sexual immorality, putting Christ to the test, and grumbling.

When we step back and think about those things, we are all guilty of them in some degree! Paul says these examples are warnings for us to avoid the same mistakes.

The problem for the Corinthians was that they thought they had it all together, that they were superior, that they were free, that the rules didn’t apply to them in the same way; that somehow they were above the boundaries laid out for others. Sadly we often fall into the same trap in America. It is possible to be part of God’s movement without pleasing God, and the conclusion of that error is death!

So Paul reminds them, as he reminds us all, that if we think we are standing firm, be careful we don’t fall. Instead, be aware of temptations and struggles (to keep us from being proud and haughty) knowing that God will bring us through them if we trust Him more than our own strength, wisdom, and effort.

Have a great day!