Bible Reading Day 245

by markburlinson

Day 245: September 2 (1 Corinthians 11:16-34)

Good morning! We have just passed the two-thirds mark in our reading of the New Testament!

After yesterday’s instructions regarding the proper roles of men and women in public worship, today Paul goes on to instruct the Corinthians about the sacrament of the covenant – the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.

And again, the Corinthians are criticized for their divisions, which are rooted in selfishness, not in spirituality. They continue to meet together for love feasts (where food was shared as a sign of the new love the Christians have come into, and the Lord’s supper is shared as a remembrance of the source of that love – the death of Jesus on their behalf.

In Corinth the origin of the feast had been forgotten as each one competed for position and influence. It was not about serving one another any more! So Paul is typically blunt with them, and then goes on (in verses 23 onward) to remind them of the teaching they received from him about sharing communion.

Jesus established this meal, by using common Jewish reminders of God’s covenant (the Passover meal symbolism). The bread becomes a picture of His broken body, the cup is shared as a participation in the New Covenant sealed permanently with Jesus’ blood. Each symbol becomes more significant because Jesus died and rose again. Every time we remember Jesus in this way we declare He died for us.

Paul then points out that this permanent celebration of Jesus’ death can be received unworthily, without honoring the true meaning of the meal. This choice is unwise, separating the unworthy one from God’s purpose for the meal, and leads to weakness, sickness, and even death.

So Paul urges them (and us) to eat together, wait for one another, and take care to judge ourselves so God doesn’t have to judge us later!

Have a great day!