Bible Reading Day 248

by markburlinson

Day 248: September 5 (1 Corinthians 14:1-20)

Good morning!

Now that Paul has given first place to love, he returns to the theme of spiritual gifts to show that love is partly expressed in the supernatural gifts God bestows. Again his purpose is corrective: the Corinthians had upended God’s order and were valuing the least understandable gifts more than the others. So speaking in tongues (other languages) was prized and flaunted as a sign of spirituality, while other gifts more useful to the church when it gathered were neglected.

So Paul appeals for prophecy to have more value, because through prophecy God can speak to hearts directly; tongues need interpretation to touch the lives of unbelievers.

Paul also encourages them to grow up; it is commendable to be childlike about evil things, but maturity is needed to rightly value the working of the Holy Spirit and avoid childish rankings of gifts.

How can you grow in love today? Personally, and in your relationships with those around you.

Have a great day!