Bible Reading Day 255

by markburlinson

Day 255: September 12 (2 Corinthians 3)

Good morning!

In Chapter 3 Paul refers to an accusation from some in Corinth that he was commending himself in his letters, and that he did not have letters of recommendation from others. His response to this is to reject the notion of letters of recommendation altogether. His letter is their lives, touched by God through Paul.

This letter is alive, not dead, and is written by the Holy Spirit, not pen and ink. Unlike the tablets of the old covenant, the letter of the New Covenant is written by Jesus in human lives.

And so there is a new way to God which makes Paul bold. He is free to look into God’s heart, and free to shine with God’s light to those around.

For us too, the more we look into God’s light, the more we reflect His likeness. How has the Holy Spirit changed you since you came to faith? Why not thank Him for His work and invite Him to continue it?

Have a great day!