Bible Reading Day 256

by markburlinson

Day 256: September 13 (2 Corinthians 4)

Good morning!

Today Paul writes about his ministry as an apostle. He makes it clear that his life work is to reveal Jesus by being the servant of all he meets. This is reflective of Jesus Himself.

How does Paul do this? By allowing God to shine His light in Paul’s heart, just as He spoke light into being in the beginning. And God will do the same with us.

And just as we reflect Jesus by His light shining in us, we also resemble Him in dying a little each day as we endure trials and persecutions.

Light, and death, and then resurrection: We know that God will raise us from the dead just as He rose Jesus from the dead. The same power works in us. This is enough to encourage us, and to renew our inner man (spirit) even when our outer man (flesh) is perishing.

So the application for us all is to have the right focus – not on the world around us with its troubles, but on the eternal world, the kingdom of God, the things unseen.

How does God want to adjust your focus today?

Have a great day!