Bible Reading Day 257

by markburlinson

Day 257: September 14 (2 Corinthians 5)

Good morning!

Yesterday we were encouraged to focus on the eternal, not the world around us; today Paul’s message is to look ahead with hope, and to live with a true sense of purpose.

Looking ahead, our hope is that one day, God will give us new bodies in heaven, and then our troubles will be over. In this context, Paul tells us we live by believing, not by seeing. In other words, he is continuing his theme that what God is doing is invisible to this world, but more significant in our lives than anything around us.

And our true purpose is to live our new lives as ambassadors of Christ, carrying the task of reconciling as many people as possible to Christ. That is why God has given us new life, but left us in this fallen world. The fantastic truth we carry is that anyone can come back to God. How does that affect the way you live today? And who will benefit from that outlook?

Have a great day!