Bible Reading Day 261

by markburlinson

Day 261: September 18 (2 Corinthians 9)

Good morning!

The “end” of Paul’s letter is still a way off – this “conclusion” is like a preacher’s first “finally”!

Today Paul develops his encouragement to them to give for the needs in Jerusalem. This chapter gives the background to Titus’ visit to Corinth to urge them to give.

Paul is using Titus and the group of believers traveling with him as a sort of “audit team” to make sure the Corinthians follow through on their promised gift. That sounds a bit forced, but the sentiment is not coercion (unlike this cartoon); rather Paul is concerned to teach them Godly principles about money out of concern for their future wellbeing. This is akin to teaching a child how to eat a balanced diet rather than just donuts, or urging a friend to exercise for the sake of their health. None of us naturally do what is right!

What principles of finance stand out to you from today’s chapter?

Have a great day!