Bible Reading Day 263

by markburlinson

Day 263: September 20 (2 Corinthians 11:1-15)

Good morning!

In the first half of chapter 11, Paul distinguishes himself from the false “apostles” whom the Corinthians have turned to follow. These “super saints” are all about their own interests, their own spiritual credentials, and their superiority to other leaders. That sounds a lot like some in the American Church today, but has almost nothing to do with the representation of Jesus.

Paul is more concerned to faithfully impart Jesus (and has both earned his own keep and lived on the contributions of others rather than place any demand on the Corinthian Christians). His words are full of irony as he exposes the proud, selfish attitudes of those who came after him.

Just as Paul represents Jesus, so the false apostles are representatives of satan. Not a label we want to earn!

Let’s examine ourselves again today; is there anything in my heart that wants to be recognized as superior to those around me? Am I more concerned with my own spiritual reputation than the reputation of Jesus and the Church? As God shows us any lurking pride, we can repent and receive His forgiveness for these sins.

Have a great day!