Bible Reading Day 264

by markburlinson

Day 264: September 21 (2 Corinthians 11:16-33)

Good morning!

Paul finishes chapter 11 with a great deal of irony and he plays on the accusations that the false apostles have leveled against him – that he is a fool, that he is less spiritual, that he is weak, and that they have much more to be proud of than Paul.

But Paul’s boasting is about things that no spiritually proud person would boast about; he has been beaten more than them, he has had more suffering than them, he has endured more persecution, been shipwrecked, lashed, imprisoned, and so on. That “bragging list” is in sharp contrast to those who make themselves out to be something special because they can impress others with an obscure teaching, or can speak in tongues more than anyone else!

In short, Paul is saying “who are you trying to impress?” If men, then behave like the “super apostles” in Corinth, if God, then be more like Paul (and like Jesus).

How would you characterize your life? Suffering or impressing people? Behaving like Jesus or acting like a super-apostle? Paul was happy to make fun of puffed up spirituality. It is one of the only ways to deflate pride!

Have a great day!