Bible Reading Day 267

by markburlinson

Day 267: September 24 (Galatians 1)

Good morning!

A new day, a new book of the New Testament!

Today we begin the letter to the churches in Galatia. Galatia was a province of the Roman Empire in central Asia Minor (modern day Turkey). There were several churches in the cities of the southern part of the province: Iconium, Lystra, Derbe. Here is a map. And here is an overview of the book.

Paul’s letter shows us that the key issue he needed to address (and his reason for writing) was the influence of religion, specifically Judaism, on the early church. They had been set free from law and sin by accepting the death of Jesus, but already they were being deceived by religious Jews who told them they also needed to keep the law.

This is very similar to a tactic of the enemy today, telling us we are made right with God by our actions and then condemning us when we fall short.

So what can we learn about resisting this cancer of legalism? Two things stand out to me from chapter one: first, the power of testimony. Paul retells his life story, giving glory to God for all that He has done in transforming Saul into Paul. Second, the necessity of hearing God’s voice for ourselves. Paul stresses that his message is not based on human reasoning, but on the direct revelation of Jesus Christ. This is the cure for legalism’s debilitating infection in our lives. Letting God speak to us personally, and receiving His truth.

As you read chapter one today, see where God uses the written Word to speak to you, and take note of any legalistic tendencies He highlights in your own life. (We all have them, so don’t fall into condemnation. God shines His light on them so that we will come to His light, not shrink back into religious darkness).

Have a great day!