Bible Reading Day 272

by markburlinson

Day 272: September 29 (Galatians 6)
Good morning!
Today we reach the conclusion of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. The chapter is full of practical wisdom from the apostle to these churches that are learning not to be ruled by legalism.
First Paul counsels that they help one another when they fall into sin, then he adds that we should share one another’s burdens. Each of us has our own responsibilities, and we are each responsible for our conduct.
Therefore we have a choice to make – live for our own agenda, or live to please God. The fruit of this choice is life or death.
In conclusion, Paul writes that circumcision is irrelevant to salvation – that religion counts for nothing, and that God’s work in our lives makes us new people.
So today, let’s reflect on the freedom Jesus gives us, and the responsibility that goes with that freedom: to help one another when we fail, and to share His life with others.
Have a great day!