Bible Reading Day 273

by markburlinson

Day 273: September 30 (Ephesians 1)
Good morning!
Are you ready for an adventure? We have reached the letter to the Ephesians, and this is perhaps Paul’s most powerful letter! The Epistle to the Romans is the most theologically structured letter, but Ephesians is, in some ways, more impactful (partly because it packs more into less space)!
Paul is writing from house arrest in Rome and he intends this letter to be read in several cities, so he fills it with practical advice and encouragement. The church in Ephesus was generally healthy and had few problems (in contrast to the churches in Corinth and the Province of Galatia whose letters precede this one). So Paul is able to adopt a different tone and focus on all the positives of the Christian life (although we will come to some correction later in the letter). Each chapter is full of content, so we may take a little longer in Ephesians than we have recently! Here is a good overview of the Epistle.
Let’s dive in! Verses 1&2 are the introduction, yet they already contain important content: Paul’s authority as an apostle is the result of God’s choice, God’s plan. Paul did not set out with this as his career plan. The Christians in Ephesus are God’s holy people, faithful followers of Christ Jesus. That’s powerful!
Verses 3-14 are Paul’s summary of God’s eternal plan. I won’t even try to add any comments to this section, other than to suggest you read it slowly and reflectively several times, being careful not to assume you know what it says!
After the dynamite summary of God’s plan, Paul turns to address the Christians in Ephesus in verses 15-23. He teaches them how the Christian life should look by describing what he prays for them every day. I have two suggestions for you here: first, read Paul’s words as if he wrote them to you, and see how his prayer touches your life. Second, take the same prayer an pray it for someone you love.
Have a great day!