Bible Reading Day 275

by markburlinson


Day 275: October 2 (Ephesians 3)
Good morning!
In the first half of chapter 3, Paul continues his theme of redemption by showing us how this has always been God’s plan. Firstly he reminds us that this is a plan revealed by the Holy Spirit (not by human wisdom). Then he goes on to describe the plan – that Jews and Gentiles be united with God and with one another. This is a miracle of transformational proportions! And God uses the church to demonstrate His wisdom to the spiritual rulers of this world.
In response to this wonderful plan of redemption, Paul prays for the Ephesians to have a true understanding of the love of God. How wide, high, long and deep it is!
And we are heirs of that great love: I suggest you take Paul’s prayer (verses 14-21) and let Paul pray it for you today!
Have a great day!