Bible Reading Day 277

by markburlinson

Day 277: October 4 (Ephesians 5)

Good morning!

Paul continues his practical instruction in Chapter 5. How to live the Christian life.

First, by contrasting light and darkness, Paul urges us to step away from behaviors that bring darkness into our lives. In the New Testament, darkness refers to thoughts, choices, and actions that turn us away from God, as well as anything that causes us to hide the truth about ourselves (from others or ourselves). On the other hand, light represents Jesus (who said “I am the light of the world”) and brings us into relationship with God, honesty with ourselves, and transparency with others.

As you read the first 14 verses of this chapter, look for aspects of darkness that you may have overlooked in your life.

Next Paul talks about living in the power of the Spirit, rather than our own strength. Notice that the power of the Spirit is closely linked with worship, and with thankfulness. If you are able, I encourage you to come to the worship evening tonight in the Large Auditorium. We all need more of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power in our lives! What are you thankful for today?

And thirdly, Paul gives wisdom for married couples. Wives: be like the church – submitting to Jesus and to your husband, while husbands: be like Jesus, loving your wife and laying down your life for her. It is tragic that husbands have used the first part to make their wives do as they say, which is so unlike Jesus that they immediately violate the second part of the advice. Instead, Paul is advocating a holy partnership – a loving, sacrificial husband and a reverent wife who willingly submits to such love in the safety of knowing her man is like Jesus in his love for her. Too few marriages today work the way Paul intended, but there would be a greater witness to the love of Jesus for the Church if there were more. Marriage was given by God to reflect the unity between Jesus and the Church.

Women are wired for love, men for respect, and when we honor the way we are created (to be complementary), we find ourselves living as God intended. This principle applies as much to mothers with their sons, fathers with their daughters, and between men and women generally, as it does between spouses. The other side is not wrong, just different (to quote Emerson Eggerichs who wrote the book “Love and Respect”).

How does God want your view of yourself to change as a result of reading today’s chapter?

Have a great day!