Bible Reading Day 279

by markburlinson

Day 279: October 6 (Philippians 1)

Good morning !

Here is the second of Paul’s four “prison” epistles – written under house arrest in Rome around 62 AD. The church in Philippi was planted by Paul about 10 years earlier, and he is writing to encourage these Gentile Christians in their faith.

A primary theme of the letter is JOY. This is notable when the writer is imprisoned! Over the next few days we will see that joy can be ours through suffering, service, faith and giving.

There is a helpful outline of the letter here.

Joy is always a matter of perspective, and Paul’s first chapter is full of instruction in keeping a right perspective: he begins with a greeting and goes on to detail his prayers for them. As you read, note his viewpoint as he prays, and thus the things he prays for them (as well as what he doesn’t pray!).

Later (from verse 12) the subject changes, and Paul writes of his joy that Christ is preached despite his circumstances. Here again, perspective is everything. The key (from verses 20-26) is that Paul’s life is in Christ. He is not his own man; he belongs to his Savior.

Finally Paul reminds then (and us) of the source of this joyful perspective: we are citizens of heaven, and whether we live or die in this life, we are Christ’s. This fundamental truth carries us through struggles, keeps us fighting the good fight, and brings us home. We are not of this world, and our joy is complete when we remember this!

Have a great day!