Bible Reading Day 280

by markburlinson

Day 280: October 7 (Philippians 2)

Good morning !

Chapter Two of Philippians contains a beautiful description of the attitude of Jesus, which Paul expects to be in us also. This is a wonderfully poetic passage full of life and inspiration. I can still recall being in a conference as a student and hearing this chapter taught. It had a powerful effect on us all, and continues to speak to each of us today. This is the passage where the first of our four “joy”principles is found: we can find joy in suffering. Where does your life resemble Christ’s? And how does God want to make you more like Jesus in the coming days?

From verse 12 onward, Paul urges his readers to obedience; showing the fruit of our relationship with Christ is essential. And in this section we find the second joy principle: Paul knew how to have joy in service (verses 17-18).

Finally, Paul speaks of his friends that he will send to Philippi. They are invaluable to the ministry God has called Paul into. God uses Paul’s friends alongside Paul. Who has God put alongside you? And who are you a vital friend for?

Have a great day!