Bible Reading Day 281

by markburlinson

Day 281: October 8 (Philippians 3)

Good morning!

In the third chapter of Philippians, Paul writes about the difference between human effort to get to God (in this case trusting in circumcision and observance of the Law) and trusting Jesus for salvation. Paul is very clear that religious effort is trash, and has no value in making us right with God. If you are ever uncertain about the value of some religious duty, compare it with what Jesus has done. By comparison, everything else is garbage (the actual Greek word actually means something worse than garbage which is not generally mentioned in polite conversation)!

In light of the great power of Jesus’ death, working in our lives, we can say to others “copy me as I copy Jesus” or “follow my pattern as I follow Christ’s pattern” – what a powerful testimony to the love of God that we can do this!

We are weak, but if God is at work in us, the difference will be seen. How is He working in you today?

Have a great day!