Bible Reading Day 283

by markburlinson

Day 283: October 10 (Colossians 1)

Good morning!

The third of Paul’s “prison” epistles is written to the church in Colosse. This city was not so far from Ephesus, in Asia Minor (modern Turkey), but the contrast between Colossians and Ephesians is great. We have already seen how the church in Ephesus was healthy and vibrant. In Colosse Paul had to challenge false worldviews, religious legalism, and worship of angels, among other issues. Does that sound like some of the challenges we face today? This epistle will have much to say to us!

As usual I recommend a simple outline of the letter for your information.

Although Paul is writing to correct error, notice how he starts out with compliments and positive affirmations for the Christians in Colosse. Even when we are in error, there is usually something praise-worthy in our relationship with Jesus if we take the trouble to look for it!

Paul’s affirmation includes a little history of their pathway to faith, and the fruit that has resulted. Focusing on these positives inspires Paul to pray for them, and his heart shines through his prayer.

Verses 15-22 are mostly a worship song of the time – Paul is quoting this poetic statement of truth to speak more deeply to their hearts, not just their heads. Correction that touches the heart is more fruitful, while truth that only reaches the mind has no power to transform. Paul’s purpose is redemption and transformation, and a worship song is going to help him, just as good worship songs help to transform us today.

Paul concludes this first chapter (although the chapter divisions are a later addition to the text) with a description of some of his sufferings on their behalf. When we have to labor for the sake of the gospel, we are depending on the power of Jesus. How can you lean on Him today? And what is He asking you to challenge for His sake?

Have a great day!