Bible Reading Day 286

by markburlinson

Day 286: October 13 (Colossians 4)

Good morning!

In the final chapter of Colossians, most of Paul’s words are greetings from, or to his friends and fellow-workers. Notice how many people are in Paul’s circle. This is no isolated “Man of God” – Paul is certainly a team player!

The first section of the chapter contains teaching on prayer. We do well to follow Paul’s advice: have a thankful heart, and an alert mind. In this way we can follow the rest of Paul’s wisdom, living wisely among unbelievers, with gracious and attractive conversation, so that we can make the most of every opportunity.

God’s plan is for those who know Him to be so influential in the world, that many will be attracted to Him through them. Who is influenced by your life? How does your conversation attract them to God?

Have a great day!