Bible Reading Day 287

by markburlinson

Day 287: October 14 (1 Thessalonians 1)

Good morning!

Today we begin the first of Paul’s letters to the church in Thessalonica. This city was the capital of Macedonia, and sat on a major trade route in the Roman Empire. With the closeness to Roman values that this brought, came persecution for Christians. In Acts 17 we read about how Paul founded the church there, yet opposition and religious bigotry forced him to leave the city soon after.

Unsure about how the young church would fare, Paul sent Timothy back as soon as he could. Timothy brought a good report – the Christians were standing firm despite their sufferings. Paul wrote this letter to encourage them, and to correct some errors in their understanding.

In particular, they had questions and misunderstandings about the resurrection of the dead and the return of Jesus. Paul will address those later in the letter. Today’s reading affirms them for standing firm in their faith, because they are chosen by God.

Have you reflected recently on how you came to faith? It may appear that you chose God, deciding to follow Jesus, but in truth it is God who chose you: He decided to send His Son to die for you before you were ever born!

Have a great day!