Bible Reading Day 290

by markburlinson

Day 290: October 17 (1 Thessalonians 4)

Good morning!

In Chapter 4, Paul moves from affirmation to instruction. He urges his readers to live in a way that pleases God, and goes on to outline what that way looks like.

Describing sexual sin as “lustful passion,” Paul urges us to control our bodies in obedience to God. He describes this as living “in holiness and honor.”

A second facet of a godly way of life is to love others, which the Thessalonians are already doing.

And thirdly, they are encouraged to live a quiet life, working to earn their livelihood, so that others will respect them.

Next Paul’s instruction moves to the question of the resurrection of the dead. Commentators are unclear about the reason Paul was writing in this way; it seems unlikely that the Thessalonians were being misled by heresy, so most scholars believe this is simply correcting a misunderstanding. It would be a mistake to take this section as a complete theology of the end times, since Paul is writing to comfort those who are grieving, not to teach eschatology. However, we can draw some important principles from these verses: Jesus is coming back, those who die as believers will be resurrected by God just as Jesus was, and when Christ returns all believers will be reunited forever.

Our future is brighter than our present and infinitely longer than our past!

Have a great day!