Bible Reading Day 292

by markburlinson

Day 292: October 19 (2 Thessalonians 1)

Good morning!

Shortly after writing his first letter to the Thessalonians, Paul writes again (possibly as little as a few months later). The reasons seem to be the same: the young church has problems with their understanding of the return of Jesus (possibly even saying that Jesus had already returned).

Today’s reading is the first chapter of the letter, which has many similarities to the beginning of the first letter. Because the church in Thessalonica was being persecuted, Paul’s encouragement is relevant to anyone who faces opposition or attack for the sake of Jesus.

His wisdom is both simple and powerful: God will provide rest one day when Jesus returns (we have hope). We are to endure, trusting God to bring justice (we are not to seek revenge). God gives us power to withstand persecution (we are not to fight in our own strength). If you have read any testimonies from those who are persecuted, you will know that these principles are found in many of their experiences.

So today, let’s adopt Paul’s final principle from this chapter: Jesus will be honored by the way we live, and we will be honored with Him. How can you live in that way today?

Have a great day!