Bible Reading Day 294

by markburlinson

Day 294: October 21 (2 Thessalonians 3)

Good morning!

Paul’s second letter to the church in Thessalonica is shorter than the first. After addressing the question of Jesus’ return yesterday, he now moves to asking them for prayer, and correcting another issue which is currently affecting the church there – people who will not work and have become a burden to the congregation.

Paul commonly asks for prayer that the Word of God will spread through him and his team. He understands his calling as an apostle and is focused on seeing his calling fulfilled.

By contrast, when he moves to conclude the letter, Paul is compelled to address the issue of those who lack such a passion to be effective for God. There seem to have been some who took advantage of the hospitality and generosity of the young church; they did nothing to earn their keep, depended on others for food and provision, and even meddled in other people’s business. Paul warns the church to not tolerate such blatant self-serving. His own example shows them that it is good to work in order to help others, rather than expecting others to provide for me.

Paul’s advice is to draw back from those who refuse to follow godly advice, allowing them to experience the isolation of self-focus. His hope seems to be that this will bring them to repentance.

So today, as we conclude our reading of the letters to the Thessalonians, let’s ask God to show us if we are focused on fulfilling our calling. If we are in any way expecting others to do the hard work for our benefit, may God show us in order that we can return to the commitment we made to Him when we were saved.

And as we do, may His peace and grace be more than enough for each of us.

Have a great day!