Bible Reading Day 295

by markburlinson

Day 295: October 22 (1 Timothy 1)

Good morning!

Today we begin the first of the “pastoral epistles” written by Paul to his young colleague Timothy.

Timothy was converted in Lystra and became a companion of Paul on his missionary journeys. This letter is written to encourage and mentor him in his leadership of the church in Ephesus.

Clearly there were those in Ephesus who sought position and influence by virtue of knowledge and clever teaching, yet they dismissed the gospel as too simple and inclusive. Instead they promoted themselves as experts on the Law of Moses despite having little or no actual knowledge of it. Ironically, Paul (whose teaching they rejected) was truly an expert in the Law, who chose instead to preach the power and impact of the gospel!

The reason Paul emphasizes the gospel is that it has the power to save sinners, while the Law is written for the sake of those sinners to make clear for them their sinful choices.

Paul knows about the power of the gospel, because he considers himself the greatest of sinners. His first chapter includes a section of thanksgiving for the freedom from sin Paul has been given.

Paul then instructs Timothy to hold firm to his faith, in light of the prophetic words he has been given, and not violate his conscience as others have done.

As you read today, see how the power of God’s love can touch and change your life, as it did Paul’s (and Timothy’s).

Have a great day!