Bible Reading Day 297

by markburlinson

Day 297: October 24 (1 Timothy 3)
Good morning !
We continue in chapter 3 with teaching on the role and qualities of elders and deacons. There is more controversy in this chapter, with many English translations continuing the tradition we noted yesterday, of excluding women from leadership. It is true that Paul only refers to men as elders or overseers in this passage, but that is not true elsewhere. Even in this passage, verse 11 is often mistranslated to refer to the wives of deacons; it actually says “likewise the women” (i.e. the deacons who are women – such as Phoebe in Romans 16:1). For more on women in leadership, here is a video of an interview with respected theologian Bishop N.T.Wright. His conclusion: “In the resurrection, there is a radical re-evaluation of the role of women.”
Paul has many practical and wise stipulations for those appointed as elders and deacons, but read them carefully and thoughtfully – you may be surprised occasionally, where tradition or presumption differs from what is actually written!
Paul concludes with a quote from a worship song of the time, about the truth of the faith. Jesus is the truth, and today He wants to plant truth in each of our hearts as we read.
Have a great day!