Bible Reading Day 299

by markburlinson

Day 299: October 26 (1 Timothy 5)
Good morning !
I hope the email subject lines have not been too confusing recently – sometimes when I copy the header to the subject it sends that way, and sometimes it reverts to the previous day. I haven’t worked out why yet!
Anyway – well done for reading this far – tomorrow marks Day 300, and only 60 more to go!
Today we reach chapter 5 of 1 Timothy. Here Paul gives advice to Timothy about widows (who would have been in great trouble in those days with no means of income or support), and about elders in the church.
It is tempting to read this chapter thinking it has little or nothing to do with you, but as you read, look for godly principles that you can apply in other spheres of life.
Paul concludes “the good deeds of some people are obvious.” What good deeds has God prepared for you to walk in today?
Have a great day!